Wood Flooring Service Life Is All About Cleaning

Fitting wood flooring is never a cheap renovation project and homeowners are often concerned about the service life of the wood. The service life is determined based on two factors. These two are the construction type of the planks and the cleaning method that was used to clean the planks.

In terms of construction, there are two types and each has a different service life due to the amount of wood each planks contains. The traditional type is solid wood flooring, a construction that contains only solid wood and has a service span of 100 years. The alternative is engineered wood flooring, a construction type that includes some solid wood together with syntactic materials. Due to this varied construction, the planks are expected to last for 25 years.

Regardless of the construction type, the durability will be influenced based on how well or poorly the planks were cleaned over the years. Common mistakes include using excessive amount of water as if cleaning tiles and using a hoover with a stiff plastic extension as if cleaning a rag. Flooring made of wood requires a combination of methods and very little use of water. Start by hovering or brushing the floor using a soft hair extension. When moving items from place to place during the cleaning be sure not to drag them on the surface of the wood, but rather lift them. Instead of socking the planks in water, use a damp cloth mixed with a dedicated wood cleaner. Finally dry the floor with a micro-fiber cloth.

As well as cleaning wood flooring in the correct manner, you may also consider placing furniture pads under the lags of heavy items to avoid pressure stains.