Teen Bedding Scene

Teens and tweens for that matter are all about expressing themselves - flexing all sorts of muscle to figure out just who they are and who they want to be. It can be trying as a parent and you will never keep up with the personality "du jour" so when it's time to decorate the bedroom, look out! Your little princess may suddenly decide to go Goth and banish all things pink and purple from her room in favor of a ghastly and ghostly black and white theme. What's a parent to do?

Before you go crazy, take a deep breath, step back and come up with a plan. Here's one you'll be able to live with: set some ground rules such as no demolition or construction, no new paint and no replacing the wall-to-wall carpeting. Establish what materials can be worked with such as textiles, area rugs and anything which can be easily removed and replaced, or tucked away when grandma comes - you really wouldn't want her catching sight of that skull and crossbones covered pillow sham.

Then shop online to see what items might soothe the savage beast formerly known as your little diva. If a purple comforter is a must-have, go with the flow - it can be easily replaced and sure beats purple walls. Pillows are a great way to introduce a color or a concept, even if it is graffiti or something urban and not to your personal taste. By shopping online you can compare price and also get a good look at what's available and what's acceptable - share ideas with your child and keep a dialog going to make it fun and to maintain control.