What Window Treatments are Right for You?

Window treatments offer interesting and aesthetic options to add décor to the interiors of a building, while at the same time being of immense utilitarian value in providing adequate privacy that a setting may warrant or ask for. Working and living spaces can be maintained according to one’s tastes or preferences by choosing the appropriate window treatment options right from flowing curtains, window toppers, and drapery to cornice boards and roller blinds and shades made from a choicest array of materials to render the required results.

Offices spaces including the personal cabins of those in high positions or managerial posts need to exude a dignified, professional atmosphere and the space must be furnished accordingly. Sleek and crisp shades, and textures and simple patterns may be more suited to treat windows at the work place, in fact roller blinds and shades often achieve the effect. Windows in front office spaces, reception and other common areas may be treated more aesthetically to offer a relaxed and casual environment.

As for the home décor, there are several window treatment options to choose from depending on the type of the window and its position in the house or corporate office. Several fabric, texture and fixture options are available, right from expensive silk and satin drapes to crisp cotton and eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and jute supported on ornamental or contemporary frames to suit the purpose.

Living room windows can be fitted with flowing curtains with or without elaborate window toppers, to create a pleasant setting with the right mix of weather elements, serving to either insulate or ventilate the space. Kitchen windows can be simply fitted with short curtains just to avoid getting hit by direct sunlight, while cooking or doing the dishes. Satin finishes and silk draperies can be used to embellish the entire home apart from of course the utility areas.

Curtains, blinds, shades, drapery, toppers, can either be bought right off the shelf or be carefully custom made to precise window measurements, so that they fit right into the home without much alterations. Made to measure roman blinds are a popular alternative to roll-up-blinds and honey comb shades, offering a unique mix of utility and aesthetics at relatively moderate costs. Romans blinds can be created from any rigid or thick fabric of choice such as muslin, linen, tulle or organza and pleated into horizontal, flat, broad bands that simply can be drawn up or down to achieve a neat look, providing the right amount of shade to create a soothing environment.

Window treatments serve to add décor to an otherwise drab space and improve the utilitarian value of limited or expensive floor space.