The Right Fabrics for Curtains

One of the key aspects to look into when choosing a new curtain is the fabric. Fine quality curtain fabrics may cost quite a bit, but there are also some good fabrics which you can find at lower rates. Still, what's important is that you get the best curtains within your budget that ultimately fit your needs.

So how do you choose a good quality curtain fabric that is right for you? Well, let's find out.

First, take a look at the fabric's opacity when light passes through it. Would you like a thick curtain to keep the room darker or would you prefer a thin fabric to just slightly cover the incoming sunlight? Hold up the samples that you find under the sun or a strong light source and check for any flaws within the fabric layers. Sometimes there might be some trapped threads that may not look good under the light.

Always be clear of the size of the curtain that you need and decide on the correct quantity of fabric that is required. This is especially important when you are buying patterned fabrics that must be matched together. Ideally, get fabrics that are produced from the same batch to avoid any mismatch and stock up some extras for the tie backs and valances.

If you want your curtain to reach down just right to the floor, then make sure you have measured the height correctly.

Another thing to be wary of is the colour. Colouration may not be 100% consistent so there is no guarantee that what you see in the sample books, catalogues or swatches are exactly the same as the final product. Not to mention when you are ordering the curtains online and what you are seeing is just an on-screen representation of the fabric samples. So best advice is to go out there and feel it for yourself. Curtains warehouse might be a good place to start with.

Keep in mind that the curtain fabrics may also shrink or expand a little, before and after wash or treatment, because they are made of natural materials. It is always a good idea to ask for professional advice during your purchase.