Tips to Protect Engineered Hardwood Floor

Do you want to install solid wood floors but think that they are too expensive? Well, if you do then here is a bit of advice for you. Go in for engineered hardwood floors. They add beauty and elegance to your house without burning a big hole in your pocket. They are durable as well. However, you have to understand that getting the engineered hard wood floor is not enough. You have to protect and maintain it properly as well. Here are some ways in which you can protect the floors. For starters, you should either vacuum or sweep the floors at least once in two days. While vacuuming the floor always make it a point to use soft brush attachment. Vacuuming or sweeping helps to get rid of the dirt and grit.

If anything spills on the floor, make sure that you blot it immediately. Engineered floors are resistant to moisture but over exposure to liquids can lead to serious damage of the floors. When you want to clean the floors you have to use only the products that are approved by the floor manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not recommend anything specifically stick to plain water. You should never use things like citrus oil, oil soaps, and ammonia and wax products to clean the engineered hard wood floors. Keeping floor mats and rugs at the entrances is a good idea. Keep shoes away from the floors. Cleats and spiked heels can cause major damage to the floors. Putting protective padding under the legs of the furniture is a good idea.