Painting A Wooden Playhouse

When the wooden playhouse down the bottom of your garden looks like it could take a little pampering because it has come through a hard winter’s weather, what better way to make a relatively quick change and paint the whole playhouse, preferably with your children, to bring it to life again.

Playhouses for kids do need looking after and whether it's painting or treating a playhouse, you need to complete the task before a problem arises because untreated wood can become damp and damp wood rots and falls apart. This will then proved to be an unsafe wooden playhouse for your children and their friends.

Great fun from choosing a colour scheme

When children are quite young they don't have any particular notions about which colour is right and which is wrong. They choose colours that they like and enjoy and wish to play with. Children do develop favourite colours, but this can change considerably over the first few years of their lives.

Although the wooden playhouse has to sit in your garden, it really does need to reflect your child or children’s personal preferences. A parent or guardian has to learn how to be extremely tactful when a child wants to paint their wooden playhouse in all the colours of the rainbow and not necessarily in a rainbow pattern because the adult knows that wooden playhouse will be seen every time any member of your family or your friends steps a foot into your garden. A giant yellow and black wooden playhouse might not attract wasps to check it out, but it will certainly attract the attention of everyone who sees it.

If your children are a little older and are able to help you properly in painting the wooden playhouse, they may have been taught that it's a good idea to have one main colour and one secondary colour. The main colour can be used on the majority of a wooden playhouse with the second colour being available for the doors and windows.

Don't forget to treat the wood

Before you paint your children's enjoyment, you need to consider how you are going to be treating the playhouse because you need to provide a consistent durability against all weather elements, even before you paint it.

When you're treating a playhouse and then later painting it, you must use toxic free chemicals and paints so that it is safe for your children and all of the neighbourhood children who will delight in playing in your garden.

Once you have applied the base treatment you should use a high quality primer paint before you finish off the final coat of paint with your favourite colours. It's better if you can spend a little more on your paints to avoid the really cheap ones because high quality paints do last longer and do complete the job for you, properly.

In case it isn't obvious by now, you need to use a waterproof paint for the outside of the wooden playhouse. This will ensure that your wooden playhouse can cast off the majority, if not all of the rain that will land during the course of the year averaging between 80 and 200 cms across the UK.

Preparing a wooden playhouse for painting is not the nicest of tasks, but you will get the best finish if you prepare properly. Involving your children in choosing the colours and in the actual painting will give them an even firmer hold on their favourite playhouse.