Some Common Questions about Switch Your Official Address

When you move into a new home or a new apartment, your address is going to change. You can take care of some of the work yourself, going online to switch your official address for things like credit card statements or mortgage tax papers. These things will then be sent to the new address that you have specified. However, you also want to use a USPS free change of address to officially tell the post office that you have moved. They can then forward anything that is sent to you at your old address, that you may have forgot about, so that you still get it at your new residence. Below are some common questions that people have about this process and you can also visit Kandela to learn more.

1. When should you change your address?
You want to do it as soon as you move, but not too far in advance. The best bet is to submit the paperwork the day before you move so that everything that comes the next day or later will go to the right place.

2. Can you do it online?
It depends where you are located. You will need to check with your local post office. For many people, though, you can certainly do it online, or you can at least get the paperwork online that you then have to turn in to the physical office.

3. How long does it last?
The forwarding service does not last forever. It generally just runs for about a year. After that, you will get a notice that tells you that your items are no longer going to be forwarded. During this year, it is important to change everything so that nothing is still being sent to that old address.

4. Should you change your address if you are in the military?
Yes, you do want to do this. Your new address is going to be an APO, and things can be forwarded there and then sent on to your unit, wherever it is located at the time. You just need to get the right APO from the military so that you know where the mail needs to be sent first.

5. Is it difficult to change your address?
No, it is not hard at all. You just have to fill out a single piece of paper and then sign it to make the change official.