Leather Sofas in the Home

One of the greatest dilemmas facing any living room designer is the question of whether to go with leather or fabric for the focal suite. Fabric aficionados claim that consistency and a greater variety of patterns and colours give fabric the edge, while leather lovers argue that the luxurious feel and tasteful maturation typical of leather make it the best choice.

Critics of leather sometimes argue that because it has lost some of its exclusivity over the years, it is less desirable now than in previous decades. While decent leather was once prohibitively expensive, leather of a reasonable quality is now within reach of the masses, prompting some debate as to whether leather are still emblems of affluence and middle-class status.

We think leather's decreasing price and increasing popularity are no cause for concern. Leather is still a tasteful choice in any living room, and it can be particularly convenient for families with children or pets who would worry about fabric getting damaged. Although many fabric sofas are now made from durable materials, a fabric sofa will never look better with age, while high-quality leather becomes more attractive as it begins to show the signs of wear.

Leather has a unique texture that many people find appealing. Some fabrics can scratch or cause itching, but leather sofas rarely suffer from these problems. Another advantage of leather is that it is very difficult to stain, which can make snuggling down with a glass of red wine that little bit more liberating.

There are many different types of leather and styles of leather sofa on the market today. Whether elegant leather sofas with a contemporary feel or rich, studded leathers with a retro feel most take your fancy, you are sure to find something in the diverse and expanding range of leather sofas available now. Head to your favourite furniture store and imagine their leather sofas in your lounge, or flick through an online collection like the catalogue of retro furniture for inspiration.