Evolution of the Kitchen

Whether or not the kitchen is the most beautiful part of the house, this is undoubtedly one of the most important areas. Where else could you prepare and store your food? Some people may overlook this room, especially those who spend little time and probably only a handful have wondered about its evolution. Yes, like most things, kitchens were not always look and operate as they are these days.

In the West, opening fire and charcoal were the sole means of heating food to the 18th century, and this was reflected in the architecture of the kitchen. It was during the industrialization of technological advances that have led to major changes in the kitchen. Iron stoves have been introduced? They completely shut down the fire and were more effective. They opened fire with wood or coal until the late 19th century when the use of gas for lighting and cooking became commonplace in urban areas. Pans and kitchen utensils were mostly stored on open shelves. Later, the floors were tiled kitchen and cooking utensils are stored in cabinets to protect them from dust and steam. In the 1940s, a trend started in the United States to equip the kitchen with electrical appliances such as blenders and toasters.

Today, the kitchen is not only a place for functionality, but a good trends setter in interior design. Unique kitchens accessories are a good way to spruce your kitchen (and sometimes eat) space. Unique kitchens accessories will also make great gifts for your mom who likes to cook, the kitchen is an essential place in the house, and it deserves to be filled with unique kitchen accessories. For more details about modern & effective kitchen renovation & decoration ideas you can check kitchens manchester.