How Safe Is Your Home?


All the things and products used to design and beautify our home are discovered to have contained a certain amount of harmful substances or ingredients. It is a common thing to find these bad substances on carpets, paints, furniture and fabrics. Also, the toxin may include allergenic dye stuffs, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorinated phenols, carcinogenic arylamines and formaldehyde.

Years ago, research has proved that the mischievous ingredients used in furniture, fabric and other related industries will cause us and the environment some negative effects. Therefore, the products made nowadays carry fewer toxins level or even do not carry any of these unhealthy substances at all. The only problem left now is the confusion between products that are labeled with terms like "organic", "eco-friendly" and "green".

Sustainable and natural products such as silk, down feathers, linen, cotton and bamboo cause the most allergic reactions. They have been grown together with the use of pesticides and are treated with other kinds of chemicals particularly during the time of processing. They might be sprayed again with pesticides to eliminate bugs for shipping products, unless they are marked with the "100% Organic" label.

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