How Safe Is Your Home?


When choosing non-toxic fabrics for your draperies or sofas, they can be found ranging from recycled non-toxic material to 100% Organic materials. Such products do not feel or even look different from the regular ones, but they come with an added advantage of containing no off-gasses. Choose products that are passed and labeled with "Environmental Plus" which are being officially approved as environmentally friendly and "Oeko-Tex Standard 100" certified products which are skin friendly.

While for "green" products, you will have to find it out yourself whether if they are safe to be used and free from harmful substances by checking on their labels. Fortunately for us, we have the choice to choose for what's good to be brought home during shopping, so make sure you pick the correct ones.

More and more healthy products are being manufactured, and with our support to these safe products, soon more manufacturers will follow. Keeping our home safe is to protect ourselves and to leave the environment healthy for the next generation.

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