Garden Furniture You Can Use All Year Round

When the sun does peak around the corner, giving you the opportunity to take your newspaper and a fine wine out into your garden, you do want to sit in comfortable outdoor furniture and that doesn't mean the best three pound plastic chair your local discount shop has on offer.

There are many different types of outdoor garden furniture that, properly maintained, can give you years of use. Some people suggest that teak garden furniture should be your best choice whereas others will prefer one of the many metal versions. So which should you choose?

Using teak garden furniture

Teak garden furniture is extremely hard wearing and can easily live as your outdoor furniture of choice because it is well weatherproofed and hardy against most of the elements that can be thrown against it, providing you store it away when the weather is particularly harsh.

On occasions, a jet wash will bring your teak furniture back to looking like new again.

Teak garden furniture isn't the cheapest option on the market, but it is a quality hardwood which has a lovely look and feel and there must be a very good reason it is used as a boat decking on many of the finest ships.

The good news is that teak as outdoor furniture has a natural resistance to warping, splintering, swelling or rotting. It is naturally resistant to fungus, mildew and moulding. It contains a good quality oil which makes it resistant to the rain falling out of the sky and the sun’s heat rays.

You do need to oil teak garden furniture regularly so that it retains its original colour. If you fail to look after this element of repairing garden furniture, your teak will change to a silvery grey colour as it ages.

The downside to teak garden furniture is probably the price. It is an expensive wood because it is not the commonest of trees that grows in our world.

Although some people do, you shouldn't paint or stain teak garden furniture because this will prevent its natural oils from working properly.

Metal furniture

Many people prefer to choose good quality metal furniture which requires very little maintenance, but without sufficient cushioning isn't as comfortable as teak garden furniture.

Metal does have the advantage that it can be left outside during poor weather and unless it is scratched or dented, which causes rusting, it will live through the worst of the weather all year round. Even when it sits on grass and perhaps in pools of water, it will last better than wooden furniture which doesn't enjoy getting damp and certainly doesn't want to attract rotting like wood.

When you need to look at repairing garden furniture, wood can be easier to cut out and replace than trying to cut out damaged metal and having to weld a new piece into place.

You will get what you pay for. If you decide to go down the route of flat pack furniture for your garden and decide to purchase the cheapest that is available, it won’t last you long and you will have to spend most of your time removing it from good storage every time you want to use it, because the longer you leave it outside the sooner it will start to deteriorate.