Different Bed Frames

Within a bedroom, the bed is normally considered the most important piece of furniture and tends to be the most noticed item in the room. With this in mind making the right decision on which of the beds to choose is an important one and the choice should always start with the frame.

First consider what type of material you want your bed frame to be made from. The two most common types are metal bed frames and wooden bed frames although if you chose novelty beds it is possible to choose a plastic moulded design. Both types offer different advantages so the choice tends to be personal.

Metal bed frames when purchased at the lower end of the market tend to be of less quality. These tend to be of a very simple design built with a small support all the way round to keep the mattress from slipping off. Some come with a built in plain head board.

Individually designed metal frames can also be purchased but these tend to be more expensive due to the ornate working and crafting that goes into them. However, they are unique and very well made, ensuring they last a long time. They also become a stunning feature in your bedroom and are a good choice for anyone looking for exclusivity.

Wooden bed frames also offer great variety and start with simple constructions of natural wood to keep costs at a competitive rate. The base is usually slatted which offers a good flexibility for the mattress and there is usually plenty of storage available beneath. It is generally easy to attach head and foot boards of choice to wooden framed beds.

The platform or divan beds are a further option, consisting of a solid wooden frame boxed in and covered with material, sometimes with built in drawers for extra storage. These give good support for memory foam mattresses and also are ideal for those who like a higher bed.

Colour and design of a bed is very much down to personal preference and each individual should look to buy a bed that matches the decor if possible. Metal frames are available in a variety of colours and styles whereas wooden frames can be purchased as untreated wood and painted to match the room. They can also be bought stained or ready painted and are available in various designs. Divan beds tend to be covered with a valence chosen to match the general theme.

Choosing a bed frame is an important consideration that is often overlooked as people rush to buy the cheapest option available. However, a good bed is not only important for a good night's sleep, but should be aesthetically pleasing as well. It is an individual choice and knowing the options available helps to make the decisions easier.