Why You Should Design Your Own Sofa

Why should you design your own sofa? There's more benefits than you can imagine- so we thought it's about time we take you through a few advantages of why you should design your own sofa.

More Space

If you opt for a pre-designed sofa then you don't get much say in how it'll fit in your home. However, if you design your own sofa you can choose exactly how many seats you want and whether you want a left corner sofa or a right corner sofa. You can choose a sofa that fits into your awkward alcoves, corners and sloping ceilings. This works out really well for those of you who have limited living space but want value-for-money style.


No one else you know is going to have a 4 seater sofa in antique velvet with black legs. When you design your own sofa you get to inject your personality into it. Not only will friends and family be impressed, it'll make your house feel more like a home if your sofa has your name stamped all over (not literally - that would be quite messy).


No, we're not talking hand-eye coordination. We mean you can colour-coordinate your sofa with your existing pieces of furniture when you design your own sofa. Sofa companies often offer free fabric samples, so you can see how the fabric matches your d├ęcor before you commit to buying the sofa.


Whether you're a neat freak or you have toddlers rampaging around the place - you'll want a fabric that suits your everyday needs as well as your style when you design your own sofa. Hard-wearing fabrics are great for those of you with children or pets, whereas something like velvet is ideal if you prefer luxury in your life. You get to choose exactly what material you want when you design your own sofa.

Value for money

Bespoke furniture is all about value and durability - so you really do get what you pay for.