Cordless Blinds - 100% Child Safe Window Blinds For Your Home

A major undertaking, childproofing a home is well worth the effort and time especially when accomplished using special child safe items, and not temporary and inefficient upgrades of existing ones and this is especially true for blinds. In order to make a difference by being the only online retailer to offer superior child proofing solutions, brings forth a new generation of cordless and chainless blinds which are 100% safe to use in any room due to the lack of potentially dangerous external controls.

Offering a new range of fully redesigned blinds, is the only online store catering to the need for superior levels of safety regarding window blinds in households with children bringing forth chainless and cordless roller and vertical blinds.

Although it has been proven that additional safety measures combined with special safety mechanisms which will make external controls hard to reach by children reduce the risks of accidental injuries inflicted by window blinds, specialist agree that inside homes with toddlers and young children the best window coverings to consider are cordless blinds, these types of shades being the only ones certified as completely safe and potentially life saving. Cordless blinds, as their name states, fully eliminate control chains and cords, ensuring not only complete protection for small children, but also an easier control over the window light.

In terms of design, blinds manufacturers have made it easier for parents not to compromise on the existing home decoration schemes, both roller and vertical shades being offered on the market. Child safe vertical blinds feature no chain to connect bottom weights and can be easily operated through a wand system that ensures the traverse and rotation of the fabric vanes, substituting the classic control chain and cord, that remains safely out of the child's reach. Even more, the bottom weights are secured inside the louvres pockets, so there are no loose parts that children could eventually swallow or choke with.

Saving the original design that granted their popularity, child safe roller blinds with an revolutionary spring mechanism integrated in their construction have been especially designed to provide a safer environment for small children by completely eliminating the standard beaded chain and consequently the dangling loops that could cause severe injuries and even strangulation. With no control cords that could get entangled causing mall functions and even irremediable damages in the blinds controlling system, spring operated roller blinds guarantee ease of maneuvering by simply pulling and lifting on the lower end of the fabric. Cordless roller blinds can be also found in blackout style, manufactured from special blackout fabric that prevents unwanted sunlight from entering the designated rooms through windows, completely darkening the space and ensuring long and peaceful naps for small children. In terms of design, numerous fabric designs can be found on the market, ranging from classic plain decors to playful and even elegant patterns, that will surely accommodate any home style.

As one of most reliable window blinds retailer on the UK market, understands the importance of proper home childproofing and offers its customers dedicated collections of cordless roller, blackout and vertical blinds and makes a difference by being the only online supplier of shades that offers 100% child safety.