Choosing Timeless Kitchens

Kitchens are a big investment in your home and lifestyle and when you make the decision to change your kitchen it really needs to be a decision that you can live with for a long time. So how can you be sure that the kitchens you choose now will have longevity of style and that you will feel content in your decision for the lifetime of the kitchen.

You will need to be confident that the kitchen design will not date too quickly and a safe bet is to go for more neutral tones or textured woodgrains. Kitchens went through a phase of being dominated by gloss white or bold colours but due to more recent economic circumstances the safer more neutral and natural shades are back in vogue and are less likely to appear dated in the longer term.

The current trends in kitchens fall into 2 categories which are natural hues with warm earthy tones or subtle heritage shades based around greens, blues and greys. The neutral shades also suit more open plan living which is something that kitchen design needs to consider.

These shades suit both traditional and contemporary kitchens so whether your choice of kitchen design is the latest handleless kitchens or a traditional wood in-frame kitchen these are the shades to consider.

Timeless classic kitchens are always going to be popular in wood however the more natural wood finishes are most likely to stand the test of time.

Timeless kitchen design

Using these more neutral colours and timbers doesn't mean the kitchen design needs to be dull. If you want a "wow" factor in your kitchen then mix a natural wood finish with a neutral colour. An example of mixing it up is to create an island area in the natural wood finish and the rest of the kitchen in a neutral colour. A bank of tall units in a wood grain combined with a natural colour for floor and wall kitchen units will also create a more interesting kitchen design. Careful mixing of textures and finishes will create a more long lasting feature than the use of bold finishes or strong wood colours.

Kitchen worktops that work well with these trends are again best suited to natural finishes and this can be granite, quartz, hardwood or laminate depending on your taste and of course budget.

Kitchens that make best use of these trends will need to make effective use of lighting and this is not just the room lighting which always needs to be at least adequate. With the development of LED lighting you can afford to be generous with feature lighting as it is cheap to buy and very cheap to run. Under wall unit lighting is ideal to brighten up the worktops. LED strip plinth lighting is a great way to give ambience to a room so ensure that you consider this as part of your kitchen design.

If you need to add that splash of colour then ensure it's with components that are easily changed. Use colour in the kitchen accessories or the room decor as it is so much easier to change these than to refit complete kitchens just because they have started to look dated.

New kitchens are a complex and exciting project and you really should make contact with experts in kitchen design if you want your dream and your budget to be met. The knowledge and advice that can be available to you from kitchen design experts is a valuable resource and its often free. When you have made the decision to invest in your home and you begin to look around at the numerous kitchens you can choose from then why not start off looking on the Internet and save time visiting showrooms and you can usually also save money.