Choosing Blinds for Your Child's Room

The right blinds in a child’s room will allow the right light to come in, will keep the room dark at night, and will add something playful and fun to this space. Everything from how the blinds work and the safety of the accessory to the style and colour of the blind affects this decision. The following includes some basic things to think about when selecting blinds for children’s bedrooms.

Think About the Lighting

A room definitely affects the happiness and mind-set of a child. The brighter a space, the happier this child will feel. This is a chance to get young children to relax after school and want to spend time in a room. Additionally, the right blinds will also keep out light at night: everything from the moon to streetlights. Blackout blinds are a great option because they can be drawn or opened depending on the day. Some blinds such as, Venetian, blackout, or rolling blinds, can even come with UV protection to keep the temperature in a room even. This means that the hot sun will not make this child’s room a sauna.

Safety & Blinds

Blinds may not look too threatening, but they can in fact pose a serious risk. This is why it is important to look into blinds that do not have too many long cords or wires that can hurt a child. Rolling blinds are a great option because they roll up and down and do not have cords. Other types of blinds are now made with shorter cords and chains to ensure children cannot reach them. This is an important detail to check before purchasing and hanging blinds in a room.

Different Styles of Blinds

Different blinds offer different things. For example, roller blinds have been around for hundreds of years. Fabric is rolled onto a roller and can be lowered or raised thanks to a spring mechanism. This type of blind is easy to use and offer a neat look to a home. However, they can sometimes jam and are not as modern as other types. Balloon blinds come in the shape of scallops or the rounded end of balloons. They are lowered and raised with cords that come at the back of the blinds. Venetian blinds are more retro and are great for blocking light and redirecting the sun, but they are also hard to clean. These horizontal blinds have slats that are held together with cotton or fabric tape. Finally, for large floor to ceiling windows, there are vertical Louvre blinds which open and close across the window.

Patterns and Designs

Blinds do not have to be plain white. Nope, instead there are many colourful options from which to choose. One could go with floral options or with animals or superheroes. A child’s room should be one that they want to spend time in. Blinds are as much a decorative tool as they are a useful one. Interested parents need to talk to their children to see what they want in this space. Thus, the coverings can add something special in addition to letting light in or keeping light out of the space.