When Your Toilet Flush is Broken - Use These Tips

Many times we face a challenging situation when the toilet flush mechanism breaks down and the bowl is filled with water. In such circumstances, it can be quite tricky when you attempt to clear the water from the toilet bowl. Although it is not difficult to initiate the repair process, it should be done systematically to ensure that the surrounding area does not get dirty, and the job is done quickly and without significant effort. It is also necessary to make bathroom a hygienic place. You can further read about making bathroom hygienic here.

First check the flush tank

Before you proceed with the process of removing the water from the toilet bowl, you must check if the flush tank is full of water and flush chain is attached to the back of the flush handle. If the tank is full and the flush chain is not attached, reattach it and lift the flapper or flush and keep on holding it until the water flows completely into the bowl and clears it.

When the flush tank is empty

If the flush tank does not contain water, then there is a different process to be followed, where you must prepare for pouring in a large quantity of water directly into the toilet bowl. Begin by clearing the entire space around the toilet bowl and remove all items that are usually kept in that area, as they will get soaked during the cleaning process. In case there are some items which cannot be removed like a fixed carpet, you should place a plastic sheet over it. Under no circumstances should you begin the cleaning process before ensuring that this protection is in place.

Pour water in full force

After you have prepared the surrounding for the flushing out act, fill a 5 gallon bucket with water till it is half full. Pick up the bucket, and with full force quickly empty the water into the bowl. This will result in the water splashing because of the force, but if you pour the water slowly, the toilet will not flush. If the first attempt at flushing the toilet does not yield full result and some water is still remaining, fill the bucket again and repeat the process.

Total cleaning is essential

Once very little water is left in the toilet bowl, we suggest you use a plunger to pump out the remaining water, as the pumping action will push the water into the S trap at the bottom of the toilet bowl, and eventually lead to the bowl becoming completely clean. Using the plunger with full force and rapid thrusts is recommended, as using less force will delay the flushing process.

Keep these items ready

Before commencing the clean-up (also go through this article), you should keep these three things ready for use; a plastic sheet for covering the bottom area around the toilet bowl, which will help keep the area dry after the flushing is complete; a bucket which can fill up to 5 gallon of water, and a plunger for finishing off the remaining water in the toilet bowl.